Earlier this Winter, a number of us got together in New Hampshire and talked about the center and what we could do better and where we were headed in the future.   One of the things that came up was how some folks didn't know what others in the center were up to unless they were working directly with them on a project.  There are a few different ways that we can publish our work formally, Engineer Reports, Journal Articles and all that, but what about the bulk of us that are working on cool stuff that might not quite fit that mold?  I thought, how about a blog?

I know, I know, blogging isn't the most glamorous way to share what we're up to, but I think it could provide that nice middle ground between water cooler chat and publishing formal documents.  If we had a place where we could put on paper, well, screen, what we've been working on, what road blocks we've run up against, and how we got through them, it could grow into a resource for the center and possibly an even wider audience.  

So here's the platform, let's give it a try, think of this as an experiment where if it works, then we have a nice place to document what we learn, if not then I'm out $12 in domain registration, not a bad tradeoff.

Basic Guide

  • Tags - use them, they help organize the content so that it makes it easier to navigate later on.  Each tag becomes it's own URL where we can list the posts belonging to that topic, i.e. GRiD, CorpsMap, ORM, etc...
  • Content - anything work related, nothing here has to be formal, nothing has to be cited, write up that weird Oracle bug and work-around that you found, or how to distinguish between an Ordering Work Item and Funded Work Item in CEFMS (just don't ask me how).  Anything that took you more than a couple minutes to figure out would make a good post since it's likely something that others are spending time figuring out too.  Just make sure that you steer away from anything FOUO or classified, common sense prevails.
  • Post Image - the image that shows up at the top of each post, you don't have to add one, but it's more fun if you do.  A really good source for images is unsplash.
  • Access - if you don't have access as an author to the site, hit me up on Slack or e-mail and I can get you going.

Thanks for checking out the site, hopefully we can turn it into a useful resource.